New Release By Author Perri Forrest and A Giveaway!

Musings of A Romance Junkie


You know, I’m a visual and a lazy reader, meaning when I take on a new story, I need to already have an image of what these characters look like, and when I saw this bearded honey dip, I was like YUSSSSSSSSSS. I don’t even care what the story is about cause he is stuck in my head lmao. Okay, seriously, Perri Forrest is such a diverse writer. Her work spans genres, and you never know what to expect from one book to the next. Enough yapping, let’s meet Rush.


They say that love happens when you least expect it.

 Meet the star of this story, Hunter “Rush” Cambridge.  Heartthrob, something of a local celebrity, and hugely guarded of those he loves. Rush has never been in love. Lust is more his thing. In fact, he’s all business. The former athlete, and current club owner is only focused on…

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