Series Spotlight: Sin City by SK

Musings of A Romance Junkie

FotorCreatedIf you read this blog regularly, then you’ll notice that I don’t feature many African American romances (slaps own wrists hard). Well that’s changing! Just like everything else in my life, I get in a comfort zone and stay there. Well, no more! There are hella good authors out here who write African American or AA romance and SLAY! Today’s feature is on one of my favorite AA authors and one of my favorite romantic series regardless of genres: The Sin City series by author S.K. Hardy, simply known as S.K. (That’s Sweet Karamel for those who don’t know).

I freaking love this series because it’s not a bunch of drug dealers and their hoe-ass jump-offs (Although I admitted enjoy a good one of those every now and then), but a sprawling saga about professional black men and women in love and all the juicy drama that accompanies them…

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