Guest post and book spotlight with D. M. Miller

Rivka and Ivory

I’m so pleased to be introducing you to author D. M. Miller, who is a new friend of mine. Her debut novel, The Religion of the Heart was published last month (July) and we wish her every success on her publishing journey!

She wrote us a guest post that offers an unique perspective on the faith aspect of fiction and I hope you find it as thought-provoking as I did.

    Guest post from D. M. Miller

Call me crazy, but I believe in writing with a purpose. Lighthearted stories to pass the time can be entertaining and may even be just what the doctor ordered if you’re looking to escape whatever personal drama may be going on in your life. Actually, that’s why they call it “escapism.”

But then there is another type of reader, who wants to read something meaningful, a book that has something to say and that…

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Unrestrained: A Duology

Musings of A Romance Junkie

Title: Unrestrained: A Duology 
Author: Shyla Colt and LaQuette
Genre: Contemp/NA/Erotic Romance
Release Date: August 28, 2015
Power Privilege & Pleasure by LaQuette 
When a need for unrestrained power and control unfurls…chaos usually follows.
Alexis-Jeovonni Tenetti is the most prolific legal mind of her time. She uses her genius to create intricate solutions for the problems her clients often find themselves in. Her mind sees what most can’t, providing her with the ability to initiate and master the manipulative games she’s accustomed to playing. Her ability to outthink everyone else around her has kept her successful and in control of almost every aspect of her life, and the lives of the clients she serves. 
After all, control is necessary to keep things in order. Order is the only thing that keeps chaos away and allows most people to embrace the illusion of freedom. She was all too aware that…

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Series Spotlight: Love’s Culture by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Musings of A Romance Junkie

LC Trilogy

You ever read a book by an author, and you’re just so taken with the story, that you’re compelled to stalk reach out to them and show them love? Yeah, that’s how I am with this lady right here. I affectionately refer to Mrs. M as “Auntie” because once you befriend her, she becomes fam yo. And she drops pearls every day on her Facebook wall. Antyway…Angelia is a serial writer. She has about umpteen of them (lol), but my fave so far is the Love’s Culture series.

I love this series for so many reasons, mainly though because she shows us that interracial love just isn’t black and white (literally and figuratively). Love’s Culture not only shows that love transcends race, but also culture, economic status, and religious beliefs as well. It’s not an in-your-face, preachy message, but wonderfully-written, episodic-like arcs that feature a myriad of colorful (again literally…

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The cost of her freedom may be the man she loves. Sweet @Skye_Warren #erotic #romsus

Sexy Romance Novels


My brother is both powerful and cruel, which means I have a lot of enemies I’ve never met. He swears he’ll keep me safe, but what I want most is to break free. I especially want to break free with Drew, my brother’s lawyer.
I’ve spent my life under glass.
We shouldn’t be together, but everything about him draws me. His intensity, his kindness.
And the way he looks in those custom tailored suits.
One night when he’s outside my bedroom, I give him a sexy show. And in doing so, unlock pandora’s box. Drew shows me everything I’ve been missing. He touches my body and my heart, but when the truth comes to light, we’re both in danger.
The cost of my freedom may be the man I’ve come to love.


Amazon USAmazon UK


Drew stepped into the spotlight, casting a long shadow over the…

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Monday Musings: The Thieves Come Out A Night

Musings of A Romance Junkie


Remember that song by Whodini called The Freaks Come Out At Night? Well, lately the book thieves have been coming out of the woodwork. Shit is real in these literary streets y’all. I have witnessed two blatant thefts of an author’s work and one, very strong, yet very false accusation of another. Calling a writer a thief or a plagiarist is a serious accusation, and if you can’t back it up, then you better keep ya damn mouth shut.

  • About two years ago there was a popular author on Amazon named “Nene King”, and I put her name in quotes because it was widely believed that this was not only a pen name, but not even a black woman. “Ms. King” wrote a book that not only had a near identical plot written by author Vera Roberts, but most of the passages were eerily identical. Only names of characters and…

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Interview with J L Campbell

Rivka and Ivory

Today we’re welcoming author J L Campbell! I caught up with her to ask a few questions.


1. What does the term “Diverse Books” mean to you

When I pick up a book and it takes me to another country and there are marked cultural differences, I identify it as being ‘diverse’. It’s even better if I learn something new.

2. You clearly have a strong link to the Jamaican literary community and live on the island. Can you tell us a little bit about this and how the culture has influenced your writing?

I do know a few local writers, but I’m not deeply involved in any one community. It might sound strange, but my first couple of novels did not have a heavy helping of things Jamaican. My online critique partners drilled it into my head that although they enjoyed my stories, they were most interested in seeing…

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Series Spotlight: Sin City by SK

Musings of A Romance Junkie

FotorCreatedIf you read this blog regularly, then you’ll notice that I don’t feature many African American romances (slaps own wrists hard). Well that’s changing! Just like everything else in my life, I get in a comfort zone and stay there. Well, no more! There are hella good authors out here who write African American or AA romance and SLAY! Today’s feature is on one of my favorite AA authors and one of my favorite romantic series regardless of genres: The Sin City series by author S.K. Hardy, simply known as S.K. (That’s Sweet Karamel for those who don’t know).

I freaking love this series because it’s not a bunch of drug dealers and their hoe-ass jump-offs (Although I admitted enjoy a good one of those every now and then), but a sprawling saga about professional black men and women in love and all the juicy drama that accompanies them…

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Interview with Jaz Johnson

Rivka and Ivory

Jaz Johnson is joining us on the blog to talk about Diverse Books today. Jaz is a New York based author and artist and it’s a pleasure to welcome her today to talk to us today. She’s long been a vocal supporter of the #WeNeedDiverseBooks movement as well as a supporter of LGBTQ+. The founder of the creative writing program Evoking Creativity, Jaz is making a very real step in the right direction with the next generation of authors.


1. What does the term “Diverse Books” mean to you?

To me, the term ‘diverse books’ hold very near and dear to me. Growing up, I had (and still have) a very diverse group of friends, whom all (like myself) love to read. And exploring different genres of books in our earlier years, we were all rather disappointed at the lack of diversity presented in books. Diversity to me is being…

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Review of Tattooed Hearts by Mika Jolie

Rivka and Ivory

Earlier in #DiverseBooksMonth we featured the lovely Mika Jolie and her work. She sent us a book to review which, unfortunately, wasn’t in time to be included in her post, but we are delighted to feature it today! It’s available here:

Tattooed Hearts is the third book in the Martha’s Way Series, which I actually didn’t know when I started reading it!! It’s a credit to the author that apart from the odd reference to previous events that I didn’t understand the significance of, I didn’t realise it was the third book until I’d finished and went to look for a buy link. It does work as a standalone novel and there are few enough references that I suspect you could even get away with reading them out of order.

The story follows Claire and Forrest. They’ve loved each other since they were children; had their first intimate experience…

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Get Yr Copy now of Tanner’s Devil eBook Release Oct 1| “very fast-paced and filled w/drama #michlit

The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard

‪#‎SneakReaders‬! What you have been waiting for all year long! Author, Sylvia Hubbard’s 37th Novel release with Tanner’s Devil, A romance suspense that will send you to hell and back from cover to cover. Get your copy at, share this event and then join us starting at midnight for giveaways and more!

About the book:

Genre: Fiction, Literary, Suspense, Thriller, Romance

RAW Rating: 4.0 (out of 5)

Tanner is an ex-prostitute whose ex-boyfriend, Donatello, was also her pimp. Even though she has left the business, he is trying to persuade her to return. She thinks he just wants her back in the business, but he actually wants her back in his life as well. Tanner…

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