Cover Reveal With Amarie Avant

Musings of A Romance Junkie


My girl author Amarie Avant has blessed me with yet another exclusive cover reveal for her wildly popular Fear series (Yes, this is a billionaire story. Yes, I stan for my friends regardless so suck it up :D) So without further ado…


The Blurb:

What once was yours is now mine… Those very words are death to the ears of Victor D’Ross, Duke of Arlington. A royal. A billionaire. A man with a keen mind for murder. More than a man, he is accustom to getting just what he wants. The beast desired Luxury Whitson while preparing to carry out a hit on her father. Instead of an assassination, his side hobby, Victor fell for the young woman with a kind heart. Now, she has been abducted. Luxury is the “property” of another.

Murder, mystery, and intrigue will up the stakes. Only time can tell if Victor will save Luxury…

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