Battling the Bulge: Why?

Tea N Strumpets

After writing monthly for some time about the crazy goings-on in a busy newsroom, I’ve decided to give cranky readers a rest and switch gears to something a bit more practical: battling the bulge.

fat effects Photo courtesy of morgueFiles.

Yes, I mean that bulge – the one around the mid-section that hangs over the top of the waistline if the pants are a bit tight…or that causes people to ask, in tones from solicitous to shocked: How far along are you, dear?? (Okay, I’m a bit old to get that second one, but the first….that comes at any age.)

First, let me clear the air about body image.

I’m glad to see the new ad/marketing campaigns encouraging women of all sizes to be happy with their bodies. I’m glad that many of today’s women don’t see their size as impediments to success or happiness. I’m glad they’re happy with themselves. I…

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