Monday Musings: No More Shhhh…Let’s Talk About The “R” Word

Musings of A Romance Junkie


This post has been brewing in my mind and in my heart for a minute, and truthfully, it’s been the reason I’ve decided to change the primary focus of this blog from interracial romance to include both African-American and multicultural romance. The “r” word I wanna briefly touch on is race-the big damn elephant in the room when it comes to not only interracial romance but mainstream romance as well.

More importantly though, I really wanna talk about what I perceive to be the deliberate bashing of black men that I often read about in some of these IR romance novels. I mean these brothas are portrayed as if Satan himself birthed him the way they do these sistas so dirty. Then she meets Mr. White Savior who rides to the rescue to save her from her brutish, black ex. I literally want to SCREAM when I come across…

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