Monday Musings: 1-Clickers Unite!

Musings of A Romance Junkie


Confession Admission: My TBR is currently at 309. Yes, 3-0-9! I think I have an illness. It’s called 1-clickitous, and I am not claiming responsibility. I literally scour Amazon and/or All Romance ebooks daily looking for new, interesting, and/or free reads to share on this blog and other social media, but I end up clicking! You know what’s so bad about it? I rarely read the sample. If I’ve read the author previously and liked her (or his) work, it’s an insta-click. If the synopsis sounds even remotely interesting, clickety-click. If we’re Facebook friends, CLICKETY-CLACK! I’m just supposed to share! I’m addicted! What did Biggie say? Oh yeah: Never get high on your own supply…

Come to think of it, I don’t have 1-clickitous, I’m a secret hoarder. I’m afraid of running out of books to read. That’s what it is! Ok, I’m lying…Did I mention I’m also a hypochondriac?…

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