March Madness Spotlight: Blog Tour With Author Kim Golden!

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I have been a fan of Kim Golden’s since I first discovered Maybe Baby just over a year ago. I instantly fell in love with this story because it’s rare that we read about black American women living and loving outside of The United States. When the opportunity presented itself to participate in this blog tour, I immediately hopped aboard. Keep reading to discover more about this fantastic series, then go 1-click now!


Welcome to the “Maybe Baby and Maybe Tonight” Mini-Tour featuring author Kim Golden!

Presented by Diverse Book Tours

For all you Contemporary Romance fans looking to diversify you TBR shelves, check it out on:

Maybe Baby/ Mabye Tonight


Want to know more? Here’s the Blurb!

Mads's Message to LaneyMaybe Baby:

Imaybebabycovermagine finding out you could never have a baby with the man you love…

Expat American Laney Halliwell finds out the hard way when Niklas tells her he…

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March Madness: Spotlight on Author Emeline Piaget

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Hidden gem alert! Hidden gem alert! You ever read a book that you loved so much, that you scour the listings to scoop allthat author’s other published works? Yeah, Emeline Piaget fits that description. I discovered Ms. Piaget when I saw her book Undeniable Love posted as an “added” on my Goodreads timeline. I can’t remember which one of my friends added that book, but I thank you! Emeline writes what I call sensual erotica because it’s so lowkey that you don’t realize how hot it is til you start fanning yourself. So far, she’s written only three books, and I recommend every last one of them. Now let’s meet the author!



11064796_1066474753368762_6741728156330485414_n Yes, this is a pretty unconventional pic, but look how sick this tat is…

Originally from Upstate New York. Moved to the South a few, well more than a few, years ago where she lives…

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March Madness: Spotlight On Author Perri Forrest!

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I have befriended many authors on Facebook. Not because I’m trolling for free books (Don’t even get me started on that…), but because I’m feeling their vibe, and I wanna know where they’re coming from and how these works of art came to be. Perri Forrest is no exception. She has a very impressive library, but she’s just getting her feet wet in the IR genre. Keep reading to peep her most popular works, then head over to Amazon and check them out for yourself!

Meet The Author

10472701_738913112864563_7817379780511273499_nThe Write or Die Chick

Perri writes what she likes to call, “Multicultural Mayhem, laced with Sex, Cursing, Sass and the Occasional Happily Ever After.”

Perri plans to perfect her craft and delve into other genres, down the line. With “Amazon bestselling author,” added to her list of credits, Perri is in the writing game for the long haul and has no…

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Monday Musings: 1-Clickers Unite!

Musings of A Romance Junkie


Confession Admission: My TBR is currently at 309. Yes, 3-0-9! I think I have an illness. It’s called 1-clickitous, and I am not claiming responsibility. I literally scour Amazon and/or All Romance ebooks daily looking for new, interesting, and/or free reads to share on this blog and other social media, but I end up clicking! You know what’s so bad about it? I rarely read the sample. If I’ve read the author previously and liked her (or his) work, it’s an insta-click. If the synopsis sounds even remotely interesting, clickety-click. If we’re Facebook friends, CLICKETY-CLACK! I’m just supposed to share! I’m addicted! What did Biggie say? Oh yeah: Never get high on your own supply…

Come to think of it, I don’t have 1-clickitous, I’m a secret hoarder. I’m afraid of running out of books to read. That’s what it is! Ok, I’m lying…Did I mention I’m also a hypochondriac?…

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