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Week Ending 1-23

For week ending 1/23. I truly try to make this board as eclectic and original as possible while maintaining the integrity of the genre. You will never see me promote fetish titles no matter how popular the book may be. I will also never promote titles that I feel are blatantly disrespectful to black women-those that treat us as nothing more than sex objects, gold diggers, or any of the above…What you will see is a mix of popular IR authors, seasoned authors who are new to the genre or under the radar, and first-time authors. So, with that being said, let’s go!

Again For The First Time: Raven St. Pierre

The Bradshaws: Angelia Menchan Vernon

A Constant Reminder: Lolah Lace

Heartache: Danielle Allen

Hot Water: Rose Francis

A Love Like This: Stephanie James

Rock Your Body: Susan Westwood

Scratch-Corporate Hitmen: Olivia…

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