The 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop– Day 3

Tracey Livesay-Interracial Romance Author

12-Days pic

Day 3

Cocktail Recipe

Welcome to Day Three in our Twelve Days of Christmas Blog Hop!! Thanks for coming back. Are you having fun? Yesterday, I made a little mistake. It was supposed to be Favorite Holiday movie, but I did Favorite Holiday Recipe. My bad. I’ll find a way to correct it on another day, so make sure you stop by over the next ten days to take part in the celebration and keep me on track. Clearly, I need it. LOL I’ll also give you more fodder for your TBR pile as I introduce you to loads of new authors!

Today, it’s one of my favorite Cocktail Recipes: Whiskey Punch!

I make this recipe a few days before Christmas and then we drink it and play cards Christmas evening. It’s reminiscent of whiskey sour, but on a larger scale. One cup and jokes are funnier than ever before…

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